February 8th, 2024

As we step into the heart of the year, our commitment to constant delivery continues to grow stronger. Discover what's new and how these improvements can elevate your experience:

Platform Upgrade

  • Our platform has undergone a comprehensive upgrade to ensure faster, and more reliable performance. With improved speed, navigation, and enhanced security, you can enjoy an even more robust demo environment.

Churnzero Integration

  • This integration makes it super easy for you to share interactive demos directly in your email campaigns in Churnzero.

Logo Enhancement

  • No more distorted logos. Now, you can adapt your logo to any size requirements. Storylane now supports an extensive range of sizes. This flexibility ensures that your branding remains consistent and impactful, without the need for constant adjustments.

Internal Visitor Analytics

  • Easily differentiate internal traffic: Identify when employees or internal team members view your demo content, allowing you to have a better overview of your overall analytics. This clarity ensures that you have accurate data on genuine customer engagement.

Thank you for being our partner. Stay tuned for more updates! 🌟

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