September 11, 2023

New Features

After summer holidays, it's time to get back to improving the product and bringing new updates for our customers.

Let's dive in!

  • Reconcile all Demo Sessions for the Same Lead: If you've the same lead on your website viewing multiple demos that are behind a lead form, Storylane analytics will now reconcile all the sessions data of that particular lead. For example, you've two (or more) demos on your website and both of them have a lead form. A visitor fills in the form for the first demo and goes through it. Then when the visitor goes to the second demo, the lead form (even though active) won't show up for them as they've already been identified by Storylane. Now, when you go to the analytics, it'll show two separate sessions for the visitor (now lead) for each of the demo, with the same email id.

  • Widget drag/ drop for HTML Demos: We're finally bringing the widget drag/ drop feature to HTML demos as well (previously only available in screenshot demos). After adding a widget, you'd now be able to drag it to any other HTML element, anywhere on the same screen.

    Note: The drag/ drop is only for Hotspot and Tooltip widgets. The modals (including the lead form) are always centrally aligned.

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