February 20th, 2024

Today, we're excited to announce the release of groundbreaking features. Our latest update is all about empowering you to take action more efficiently and understand your audience on a deeper level. Let's dive in.

Convert CTA Button in demos

  • The Convert CTA button feature allows you to embed an always-visible CTA button within your demos. This strategic placement ensures that your viewers are constantly primed to take your most desired action, whether it's to book a demo, start a free trial, or any other key conversion activity.

  • Here is an interactive demo on how to enable it 👇

Export Video (BETA)

  • You can export your demo as an MP4 video file; audio export coming soon.

  • On the share page > Go to 'Export' > Under Video (BETA), click 'EXPORT' > You will automatically receive an email with the video and the GIF.

Zapier - Big Update

With our latest updates, you can now send a wealth of data directly to Zapier, including:

  • Filled lead form data for real-time CRM updates and immediate follow-up actions.

  • UTM parameters and demo view analytics for refined marketing strategies and targeted outreach.

  • Detailed company data from Account Reveal for smarter, personalized outreach based on in-depth company insights.

Thank you for being our partner. Stay tuned for more updates! 🌟

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