September 29, 2023

New Features

We're back with one of our biggest and most anticipated reveals (pun not intended) of this quarter. Targeted at those of you who have embedded Storylane demos to your websites.

Tighten your seat belts. This one is going to bring a remarkable difference to your entire marketing strategy.

Introducing Account Reveal!

Storylane has partnered with Clearbit to help you enrich anonymous demo viewers' data with their company information, on your website embedded demos. This essentially eliminates the need to add lead forms to your embedded demos.

Here are the different ways the Account Reveal will be helpful to you,

  • Better Understand Your ICP: It's important to consistently optimize your understanding of who your ICP is. With the viewer company data, you can easily identify,

    • Type of Companies looking at your product (including domain)

    • Industry or Category

    • Company size

    • Their ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) Range

  • Run Targeted ABM Campaigns: What better way to run ABM campaigns than when you precisely know which companies have been testing out your product (and not just visiting your website)? With the company data at the tip of your fingers, you can narrow down your focus and run more targeted ABM campaigns for a better ROI .

  • Personalize your Email Campaigns: The above company info will help you personalize your email campaigns, therefore, leading to higher conversions. For example, baking the industry or say, ARR information into your emails will lead to better engagement numbers than keeping them generic.

Enabling the Account Reveal feature is extremely easy.

Just go to Settings >> WorkSpace >> Config. Enable "Reveal companies visiting demos".

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