August 8, 2023

New Features

The current round of releases will help users not only decrease the time it takes to create and consume demos but will also help them with more customization options regarding the widgets.

Let's dive in!

  • Fine Tuning Widget Placement in HTML Demos: Until now, the only way to change widget placement in HTML demos was by moving the beacon to one of the given positions inside the edit menu. And that was limiting to some extent. So we've now introduced an option to fine tune the widget placement at your precise desired position. This will enable you to move your widgets both vertically and horizontally, with a single click. Just hover over the widget to find the edit option. Once inside, click on FINE TUNE to open the custom offset window. To move the widget horizontally, change the X Axis value while for vertical movement, change the Y Axis value.

  • New Keyboard Shortcuts: We've added some new keyboard shortcuts to make your life all the more easier when building new demos.

    • Demo Player - For both the preview and live versions of the demo, you can simply use the left and right arrow keys from the keyboard to move forward/ backward on your demos. This will decrease the overall time it takes for viewers to go through the demo. However, the keys won't work where a lead form is present, until the viewer fills in their details.

    • Copy/ Paste and Delete - In addition to supporting the traditional Ctrl C + Ctrl V (Command for Macs) for widgets, you can now easily copy a widget from one flow and paste it in any other flow, within the same demo. Even deleting the widgets is now possible by simply pressing the delete option on the keyboard.

  • Border Colour: We're now adding a new customization option to the widget themes package. With this release, you can now change the border colour of the widgets as well according to your brand colours. (Still haven't tried themes? It's in closed beta so request your access today)

  • Widget Resizing: We've now introduced an easier way to resize your widgets. In addition to increasing the maximum permissible width size of widgets to 800 pixels, you can now simply drag the widgets by holding onto the 3-sided black arrows to achieve your desired width.

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