July 11, 2023

New Features

After weeks of testing and iterating in closed beta, we're pleased to finally release Storylane's AI capabilities to the world. Our objective with this is to not only help you with easier ways to build better demos but also further reduce the time it takes to create the demos.

And we're starting with 3 groundbreaking features.

  • Enhance Guides: No more painstakingly writing guides for each step or getting the guides proofread every time before sharing a new demo with prospects. With the "Write Guide" and "Rewrite with Aha" options, you'll be able to automatically generate elaborated and enhanced versions of your inputs in a matter of seconds. In addition to that, the AI also ensures that the generated texts are coherent enough for your viewers.

  • Translate Guides to Multiple Languages: Do you cater to non-English speaking regions as well? Would you rather communicate with your French or German prospects in their language? Have you been using Google Translate to translate your guides? If your answer is a yes to any of the questions, then wave adios to your translation worries. With the Storylane AI, you'll now be able to translate your guides in 1 click. Just hit "Translate Guide" under the AI menu and choose from 25+ languages for instant translation. We're continuously working on adding new languages so do reach out to us with your recommendations.

  • Generate Voiceovers: We understand the challenges of separately recording voiceovers for your guides and manually adding them. It's time-consuming and can get hectic. Hence, we're now making it easier for you to add voiceovers. With AI. Select the language, choose the voice (male or female) and hit "Generate". Within moments, the Storylane AI will generate the voiceover for you in the said specifications. With voiceovers as well, we continue to add the support for more languages.

Take a tour of the features in the below demo and let us know what you think!!

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