October 30, 2023

New Features

You might remember that we talked about some big updates coming your way in our last issue of the changelog. Well, we're finally ready to let the cat (or rather cats) out of the bag 😃

In our quest to make Storylane more intelligent for you and ease your demo creation process, here's what's coming to your favourite interactive demo platform,

  • Zoom Feature in Screenshot Demos: Being able to zoom in specific aspects of the product has been one of our most awaited upgrades. And we're finally live with it 🥳 The way this works is, once you click on the zoom feature, a dialog box will appear on your screen indicating the zoom area. You can increase/ decrease the zoom area by adjusting the zoom level and can even move around the area by dragging the guide. After publishing, the particular screen will shrink a bit to focus on the zoomed area. Couple of things to note:

    • The zoom feature can only be used with the hotspot and tooltip guides.

    • The guide will always be centrally placed within the zoom dialog box.

  • Generating Automatic Video Clips: While capturing your screens to create a demo, Storylane will now automatically alternate between screenshot and video basis some of the triggers we've introduced. These triggers are,

    • Drag/ drop events

    • Keyboard events

    What this means is, for example, while capturing your screens, if you're dragging any of the screen element or typing something on keyboard that's reflecting on the screen being captured, Storylane will record these changes in the form of videos, without any effort from your end.

All ideas, comments and feedback are most welcome!!

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