Lead Tracking

Identify leads from your demo story and track analytics
Demos can be used to increase your lead pipeline. With Storylane demos, you can capture new leads and send them to your CRM or marketing platform (along with their session analytics on engagement)
There are few ways in which you can identify leads for your demo story:

Adding Lead Form inside demo

Lead forms can be added as a step in any flow of your demo. They can be inserted anywhere in your guided flow - beginning, middle or end. It provides ways to gather user information such as name and email address while they are engaged.
Using Storylane Lead Form
This form provides two fields: email and name (optional) that are configurable. The form can be added as step in any flow to collect user info.
Using Custom Embed Form
You can build your own custom form and embed the HTML embed code. Most commonly, we see forms built from
and it can be added as specific step to your flow. We recommend going with this option if you either need to customize your form or have additional fields to collect.

Configuring Lead Form outside demo

You can also configure your custom lead forms even before demo starts on your website as gated tour. Most commonly, we see:
  • Custom forms added on your landing page and user redirected to demos after they fill-in the form, or
  • Show the form as overlay on top of demo. Once form is filled the demo will be loaded.
Storylane automatically captures the lead using your marketing cookie and associates the leads with demo analytics

Pass Email through URL param

Leads can also be identified by passing 'email' as URL param either in demo share URL or domain where demo is embedded.
  • Example of passing 'email' param in demo share url[email protected]
  • Example of passing 'email' param to landing page url that has demo embedded in it. Storylane embed code in the page will pick the 'email' param from parent window url[email protected]