Flows & Product Tour

Groups product features into flows and product tours

Flows and Product Tours are the perfect way to showcase multiple features of your product to your viewers in a single demo.

Create Flows

By default, Storylane creates a flow for you when you record a demo. If you want to add new flows, then click on next to the flow name. See the interactive demo below on how to do it 😎

If you want to copy a flow from one demo to another one, check out How to copy a flow to a demo article.

Setup Product Tour

Product Tour groups multiple flows and gives viewers the option to pick their own adventure.

  • Click on the menu icon to open flows

  • Then, click on "Setup Product Tour"

    (A tip: Product Tour works best when you have more than 1 flow)

  • Enable/Disable optional features:

    • Show Product Tour on Start

    • Expand the Product Tour to the middle of the screen

    • Mark Product Tour completed on click

  • Design the Product Tour Button

    • Style the "Button Color" and "Button Text". The default will show like this

    • You can configure the position of the button to appear (left, middle, or right corner). If you need more customization then you can fine-tune the offset values.

Try Interactive Demo Yourself 👇

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