Adding Guided Steps

Guided steps form the foundation of an effective product tour on, helping users grasp the key benefits of your offering.

Here is a breakdown of different guides that can be added as a guided step in the flow:


Hotspots in Storylane draw attention to key parts of your demo, like new features, with a pulsating effect. Viewers need to click on either the pulsating beacon or the entire guide, to go to the next step.


Combine tooltips with backdrops to guide users through complex processes or critical UI elements. Use them to show step-by-step interactions or to lead users through a specific workflow. Viewers need to click on the CTA (in this case 'Next') to proceed to the next step.

Text modal

Text modals are versatile and can be used for various purposes. Use them to introduce your demo, provide explanations, or summarize key points. Consider using them at the start or end of your demo to set the stage or wrap up the experience.

Media Modal

Media modals can showcase various forms of media, including images and videos.

Images help users visualize concepts and establish branding.

Videos are the best for short, impactful intros, product demonstrations, or personalized messages. Check out how to add videos.

Lead Form

Capture leads at strategic points in your demo, at the beginning to capture initial interest, and in the middle for engaged users. Use them for lead generation and data collection. Learn more about how to embed custom forms (Hubspot, Marketo, or Pardot) or capture leads through demo URL params.

By selecting the right guide for each step of your tour, you can enhance user understanding, engagement, and conversion.

In HTML demos you need to drag guides onto an element, which snaps into place when highlighted green.

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