How to enable the conference mode?

Conferences are pivotal to showcase your product to a live audience. Storylane interactive demos support multiple features to help significantly enhance comprehension and engagement.

  • Fullscreen Mode

  • Offline Demos

  • Demo Autoplay

Fullscreen Mode

If you plan to showcase your screenshot demo in full-screen, check whether you have enabled a border for your demo. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the demo for which you'd like to check the border.

  2. Click on demo settings (gear icon at the top) > Frame color.

  3. Ensure it's set to either light or dark.

  4. Once this is set, republish the demo and open the URL of the demo and click on the full-screen icon at the top to enter full-screen mode.

Offline Demos

Load the page with the Storylane demo when you have a good internet connection, and it will work to go through all the steps even if you lose the internet connection.

Ensure that the page is not refreshed when there is no internet connection.

Demo Autoplay

If you do not want the demo to be interactive and prefer it to play automatically, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the demo you would like to autoplay.

  2. Go to demo settings (gear icon at the top) > Config.

  3. Here, you can enable autoplay for demos and set the timer for each step.

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