Usage Tracking

Insights on demo usage
What is a product demo without powerful analytics to understand its engagement? Storylane automatically gathers analytics for each demo and you can view the summary on our "Analytics" page.
Below are common terms used to help you with:
  • Impressions - number of times the demo story was opened
  • Uniques - number of times the demo story was opened by unique users
  • Engaged - number of times the demo story was interacted by unique user
  • Leads - See Lead Tracking to learn how to capture leads in demo. If leads can't be identified then you will see "unknown lead"
  • CTA Clicked - set if viewer clicked on CTA button to direct the user to go to specific URL (eg signup or demo request page)
  • Last View - last time the demo story was viewed by the lead
  • Time Spent - overall time spent by viewer in the demo
  • Completion - percent of demo guided steps the viewer completed

Global Analytics

To view the global analytics of all your Storylane demos,
  • go to Analytics tab on the left sidebar
  • Click on "Engagement" to see all your demo stories analytic data in one place
Story showing how to check your Global Analytics

Story analytics

To view the analytics of specific demo story you've published, find your demo and click the "views" button at the bottom of the card.
Story showing how to check analytics per story

Session Analytics

You can see more data about each viewer by clicking on specific session record in "Analytics" -> "Activity" page . The individual view shows the exact step that viewer took while on your demo, as well as the time they spent on each step.
Story showing how to check analytics per session

Exporting Analytics

You can export your analytics data anytime for time range.
  • Go to "Analytics" and then Activity page
  • Click on "Export CSV" button at the top right corner to export a .csv format
  • You will be emailed report in few minutes
Note: If you do not receive email while exporting the CSV file:
  1. 1.
    Check the Spam folder
  2. 2.
    Ensure the Storylane domain is whitelisted
Take a look at our Integrations page to learn more about our in-depth integrations and custom events that are sent to various platforms