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Share your Demo

Different methods for sharing your Storylane demos with viewers.

👉 Public Share URL

  • This generates a unique public URL for your demo, which you can share with prospects.
  • In case the content is confidential, you can adjust the link settings with a passcode or expiry date. See how to set it up in this interactive demo.
If you want to have multiple links for the same demo to track the performance of each separately, you can create additional demo URLs.
This is usually used in scenarios such as personalizing each link with custom tokens, assigning different links for team members, or using the same demo in multiple campaigns or landing pages. Check out this demo on how to do it.

👉 Embed your Demo

  • Storylane demos can be embedded across a wide variety of websites or services. We provide multiple options to embed depending on your needs:

Supported Platforms

Below is a list of platforms that are supported out-of-box for embedding Storylane demos.
oEmbed Support
  • Storylane demos support oEmbed standards which means you can add the demo story URL to many different platforms or services apart from the ones mentioned above.
  • If you are using iFramely or Embedly, you can use the demo URL directly. But for manual implementation you can use the oEmbed API that we support.
  • Here, the value of url query parameter needs to be replaced with the demo URL.

👉 Via Email Campaign

  • You can share your engaging demo content in email campaigns to stay close to customers and maintain relationships.
  • When sharing your demos via email campaigns, you can pick your email provider to track and personalize the data. Storylane supports 15+ different email providers.
  • Not only that, you can also send demo events to CRM, Marketing Automation, or your Data warehouse. See all integrations that Storylane supports.

👉 Export as a GIF

  • If you want to share a small demo snippet as a GIF, select "Email Campaign" and copy the GIF as a thumbnail or URL.
  • Check out this demo on how to do it. (add a screenshot of the demo and why it should be used vs this)