Presenter Notes

The Presenter Notes feature is designed to empower your sales team with step-by-step scripted guidance for each part of your clickable demos.

Now, sales reps can deliver every demo with the confidence and precision of your top performers.

Available only in the HTML demos.

How Does It Work?

  1. Setup Your Notes:

    • Navigate to the HTML Editor of the demo you wish to edit within Storylane.

    • Open the 'Presenter Notes' from the right-side menu.

    • Enter your scripted guidance or key points in the "Presenter Note" section.

    • Once you are done, click the 'Save' button

  2. Delivering Your Demo:

    • Launch your clickable demo as usual.

    • As you progress through each step, the corresponding Presenter Note will appear on your screen, visible only to you.

    • Click on it, and follow the script or key points in your Presenter Note to deliver a consistent and impactful demo.

Try Interactive Demo Below 👇

For Whom It Is?

Presenter Notes is ideal for:

  • Sales Teams: Looking to optimize their demo performance and conversion rates.

  • Product Marketers: Aiming to ensure product features are communicated consistently and effectively.

  • Sales Leaders: Seeking to standardize training materials and demo scripts across the organization.

What Problem Does It Solve?

  • Standardize Demo Delivery Across Teams: Ensures that every team member, regardless of their experience level, can deliver high-quality demos by following proven scripts.

  • Enhance Presenter Confidence: Gives presenters a reliable reference to reduce on-the-spot pressure and improve delivery.

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